Diploma in Analytical HypnotherapyWould you like to train to become a fully qualified, accredited hypnotherapist? The Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy provides you with comprehensive, hands on training and is a fully accredited course with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC). It’s important to study a course which is GHSC accredited, and which means you can register as a therapist with the GHR or CNHC upon graduation. Hypnotherapy training is unregulated – with many schools simply buying accreditation or providing their own. GHSC courses meet strict learning outcomes and allow you to register with the only government accredited body for complementary therapists – the CNHC.

Included within the course:

Scripts, forms and client handouts for use with clients

GHR recognised post-course supervision for 6 months

GHR recognised peer group supervision (during course and after you qualify)

Student registration with GHR

Free CPD course

Discount of 15% on additional CPD courses

Hypno-Coaching Certificate

This Diploma places a strong emphasis on practical training and case study work throughout the course, giving you the confidence to establish yourself as an accredited practitioner upon successful completion. It is delivered by Claire Jack, Ph.D., who runs a thriving hypnotherapy business. By the end of the course you will come out as a confident, ethical therapist, able to deal with your clients’ needs in a caring, professional manner.

The course starts by exploring the history and anatomy of hypnotherapy. After the first module, you will know how to induce a hypnotic trance state and the importance of establishing rapport with your client. As the course progresses, we explore differing theoretical perspectives, data management issues, establishing healthy boundaries, how to treat specific presenting conditions and finally how to successfully establish and market your practice. For full details, please download the prospectus. Still not sure if it’s right for you? Read about the experiences of former students here.

The Academy of Integrated Hypnotherapy places a great emphasis on applying an integrated approach, both at a teaching level and as a practitioner. There are many theoretical perspectives which practitioners may adhere to, and once you start practicing as a therapist you will be drawn to approaches and ways if working which fit with your values and personality. During this course we ensure that you have an indents insight into different perspectives and ways of working with clients so that, once you have completed it, you will have a solid foundation from which to develop yourself as a practitioner and a knowledge of how you can successfully integrated varying approaches when working with clients. Throughout the course you will also learn so much about yourself – your values, strengths and personal knowledge and experience – which you will learn to integrate into your work with clients.

Studying at the Academy of Integrated Hypnotherapy means that you are choosing a course which is continually updated to reflect cutting edge advances in research and development within the field of hypnotherapy. Dr. Claire Jack has led research teams and taught at Scotland’s top universities and brings these skills to offer you a course which is academically excellent.

Once you’ve completed the Diploma, you will receive six months free supervisory support whilst you establish yourself as a practitioner. Additional support is give in the form of two free Continuing Professional Development courses, ensuring your professional qualifications are kept up to date and allowing you to meet fellow hypnotherapists.

Since 2011, a Core Curriculum for training has been created which ensures that only students who train with a hypnotherapy training school which meets the core curriculum requirements can register with the UK’s primary professional bodies. The Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy is designed around this core curriculum and meets the regulations of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council. As an accredited course, upon successful completion you can register with the General Hypnotherapy Register and Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. This is particularly important as it is the only organisation for complementary therapists which is government sponsored and is used by medical professionals for referrals.

In addition to classroom training, course work involves working with case studies and written  assignments which are designed to encourage self growth, awareness and confidence. All assignments must be completed in order to gain the Diploma.

You will be provided with a range of hypnotherapy scripts, form and client handouts in electronic format at the start of the course which will support your learning and provide you with all the tools required to establish your practice.

Where To StartIf you are at the stage of considering training as a hypnotherapist, you may be feeling a bit daunted by the wealth of information at this stage. In order to help you decide whether hypnotherapy is the right career for you, and whether we have the right course for you, below are some of the most common questions we receive. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Why is it important to do an accredited Diploma course?

The standard of hypnotherapy courses on offers varies greatly in quality, duration and qualification level. Certificate courses are a good way to see whether hypnotherapy is a subject interests you, and to learn basic techniques, as well as studying the theory of hypnotherapy. Our Online Certificate provides you with as much experiential learning as possible, by providing a blended learning experience in terms of Skype or in-person tutorials. You will emerge with a range of techniques to use with yourself, friends and family. If you currently work professionally in certain areas, you will be able to enhance your business with your new hypnotherapy skills. If you want to practice as a full time hypnotherapist, dealing with a wide range of issues, you should do a course which is accredited with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC). This ensures that the course has been designed around a core curriculum of excellence which requires a set amount of teaching and assignment hours. You are given a kite mark of quality. So are your clients. Because you can then register with the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) and Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) your clients are ensured that you have achieved a recognised level of professional competency. Many insurance agencies require that you are registered with a well recognised professional body in order to qualify for insurance.

Why study with the Academy of Integrated Hypnotherapy?

If you choose to study with us, you are guaranteed academic excellence. Dr. Claire Jack spent many years working in universities and brings these skills and standards to all the courses on offer. Hypnotherapy is a field where research is patchy and unsubstantiated at times and you are ensured that Dr. Jack’s research skills result in a course which is of a high academic quality. The Academy of Integrated Hypnotherapy places an emphasis on adopting an integrated approach to learning and working with clients. We believe that you, as a practicing therapist, will develop an approach which is right for your values and personality. We aim to offer a broad and inclusive insight into hypnotherapy which you will then adapt and develop as you progress further in your practice. A crucial time for any new therapist is just after they have completed their diploma and are establishing their practice, which is why we offer six months free supervision and two free CPD courses. Our student numbers for each Diploma are kept at a level which ensures that you get plenty of practical experience during the course and that a professional, supportive relationship is maintained following the course.

I don’t have any experience in healthcare or as a therapist. Will I manage the diploma course?

Yes. Although students come from a variety of backgrounds, including medical, psychological and counselling, the course assumes that you have no prior knowledge and starts at a very basic level. As a hypnotherapist you will find that it is your personal interests and values which make you a good therapist and these are as important as any previous background in healthcare or related disciplines.

Do I need any previous school/ academic qualifications to do the course?

No. Although there is a written element to the course in terms of assignments, these can easily be completed with basic level English. If you do have any special educational needs, please contact us in advance of the course as we will attempt to accommodate these.

Can I start to make a living as soon as I qualify?

Once you qualify you can apply to the GHR and CNHC to be listed as a registered hypnotherapist. We cover establishing and marketing your business during the course. Many people continue to work part time whilst they build their practice and you will receive free supervisory support for the first six months to help you make the transition to practicing hypnotherapist.

I have no idea how to run a business. Will I be able to do it?

If you have the motivation and determination – yes! You’ll probably have a good idea of what interests you following the course and often offering a niche service is a good way to establish yourself as a practitioner. After the course, you will qualify for two free CPD one day courses which will help you specialise in any areas which interest you. Organisations such as Business Gateway provide excellent advice and a support when starting up a business and, during the course, we draw up a business plan. Your six months post course supervision includes advice on marketing and establishing your business.

I’ve never been hypnotised. Do I need a natural ability to be a good therapist?

Absolutely not! There is no mystery or magic involved. As long as you have an interest in people, a willingness to learn and enthusiasm for the subject you can train to be a hypnotherapist. Eve if you’ve never been hypnotised before, you will experience being hypnotised often throughout the course.

I already work as a therapist. How does hypnotherapy fit in with my existing work?

Many therapists have primary training in another area and add hypnotherapy to their portfolio.  It works incredibly well in conjunction with other talking therapies, adding to them by focussing in the mind body connection and using the imaginative capacity of the mind to enhance techniques such as cognitive behavioural therapy. As a starting point, you can use your existing foundation as a therapist to inform and guide the way you use hypnotherapy.


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