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Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy

I have recently (sadly!) finished my final taught session with Claire on the Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy. I cannot recommend both Claire and her course highly enough! Taught on a flexible one-to-one basis this extremely detailed course was brought to life with all of Claire’s practical therapeutic experiences. The course was delivered at my pace in a very logical format. I feel that I have learnt so much in a fairly short period of time and am looking forward to putting everything into practice with my case studies. Knowing that I can contact Claire at any time for help and advice while I am carrying them out is very welcoming. If you are considering taking the course with Claire……do it! You won’t regret it. Thank you so much Claire for sharing all of your expertise with me and helping me make my much need career change!

Cheryl Wilson


Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy

I trained in Analytical Hypnotherapy with Claire over two weeks last summer.
Claire was flexible in her approach to teaching and amended the course content to suit my particular need which was to learn hypnotherapeutic techniques to augment my practice as a Clinical Psychologist working in the Gibraltar Health Authority.
The written study material that Claire provided was well organised and I have appreciated that as I have been working through the case studies. The client hand-outs and scripts have been extremely useful for the development of my own practice since finishing the training, as have numerous references from the extensive list that Claire provided.
Claire recruited willing volunteers so that during the training I had opportunities for supervised practice. Claire also arranged for me to observe her working with some of her own clients. My impression of Claire was that in her practice she is warm, respectful and empathic. She also applied the techniques taught on the course with obvious expertise – and no scripts to prompt her!
In summary the training that Claire provided was an interesting and pleasant learning experience. The course met all my expectations in terms of its content and Claire’s delivery was professional, informal and warm.

Dr Alyson Jack

Clinical Psychologist
Head of Clinical Psychology and Counselling
Gibraltar Health Authority


Masterclass in Hypnotherapy for Depression

I have thoroughly enjoyed my course supervision with Claire today. She is warm and approachable. She gave me enough time to express my opinion then openly discuss various approaches available to clients with the pros and cons. I like her perspective because she embraces a number of specialities and draws strength from each. She explains clearly why certain approaches should be applied with caution. Totally acceptable for me. Would love to work with her any day :))

Liu Yang

Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Life Coach


Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy

The hypnotherapy Diploma course Dr. Claire Jack provides is very thorough, the course is totally bespoke allowing you to study and complete the course at a pace which suits your needs. Claire is a very experienced hypnotherapist and gives plenty of practical advice along with very well thought out modules and scripts which can get you started on a career in this fascinating subject. Highly recommended.

Anne Chappell


Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy

I was fortunate enough to train with Claire Jack.  The course was bespoke and worked round the times I could make it which was a massive help to me.  The training was excellent and Claire promotes quality, professionalism and empathy with the client at the heart of everything.  She is a first class trainer and I would definitely recommend her.

Irene Irving

Thistle Hypnotherapy


Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy

I recently studied a bespoke Diploma Analytical Hypnotherapy Course with Dr. Claire Jack. Every aspect of the course was ideal. We decided on the bespoke course and how it would run before getting started.
I went to Claire’s weekend course for Hypnotherapy before taking on the diploma course. At the weekend course I was given a great insight into what the diploma course had to offer.
Claire and I arranged to work through each module one at a time. The pace we worked at was very helpful for me, as I was given the opportunity to learn and practice with Claire then time to study each module before beginning the next.
I found the structure of the course and how Claire presented everything great. I was interested to learn more and more each day.
Doing a bespoke course was perfect for me as it meant I could ask questions whenever I needed to and did not feel held back by other learners in any way.
I was able to develop a good relationship with Dr Jack which meant we could be open and honest.
I would highly recommend this way of learning the Hypnotherapy Diploma course with Dr Claire Jack.

Sharon Tait, Stait of Mind.


Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy

As a registered nurse I was looking for a course which would develop and enhance my clinical practice. I was attracted to the training provided by the Academy of Integrated Hypnotherapy as it appeared to be exactly in line with this aim whilst also providing me with a desirable stand-alone professional qualification. The Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy offered an extensive syllabus within its programme and I found this exhilarating when it came to the study modules. Everyday offered the opportunity to learn something new within the supportive environment of a small group and under the mentorship of such an experienced tutor. The programme was dynamic and challenging but manageable and, most importantly, it was fun to learn – quite an achievement within an extensive professional training programme. Thank you.

David M. Temple

Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy

I really enjoyed the hypnotherapy diploma run by Claire from the Academy of Integrated Hypnotherapy. The course was set at a good pace, excellent timing and correct depth. The group size was just right and as there was a diverse mix of students, the course allowed plenty opportunity for discussion and debate. The course also offered plenty of time to practice which has been vital in the application of the theory and reinforced what we learnt and was excellent for confidence building.

Claire is a great tutor, has a great knowledge and delivers the course in a relaxed way. I would like highly recommend this course.

Liz Fitzpatrick, GQHP, GHR Qualified,

CPD online Anxiety Masterclass

I chose the Integrated Hypnotherapy’s anxiety master class as I felt the content was thorough and the price very reasonable. When I received the workbook and scripts I was exceptionally impressed with both the quality of information and Claire’s ability to communicate complex material clearly. On top of this the scripts are superbly written; full of imagery and metaphor, and the course allows you to adapt the range of techniques presented. Claire herself is a fountain of knowledge and guides you effortlessly through the course in the telephone tutorials and webinars. I cannot recommend these courses highly enough; a great investment.

Zoe Flint, BA (Hons) Psychology, GQHP